Touched. Jakobstad 2012.

In summer 2012, I had a special meeting with an old woman at Berga, a nursing home in Stockholm. It was one of those moments when time stopped and presence was the only tangible. The meeting took place at a level, where external factors as age, gender, popularity, money, health, etc. didn´t matter. I felt that I almost could touch the invisible. I was touched. I made a performance based on that experience. I was looking for a presence that sometimes can be found between the safe and unsafe.

Later I developed the performance into a videoinstallation, where the visitors had the opportunity to leave their mark on my performance clothes. Once again I wanted to highlight the touch and the tracks it leaves behind. The installation was shown at the Bergagallery, Stockholm, 2012.

If you want to see the video click here

photo Julia Lillqvist