I see my creativity as a form of painting, a process where the body is my brush, the movement is my color palette and space & time is the canvas. With these elements, I explore my surroundings, a search for new movements in new contexts where the meeting and the presence are central and the tension lies in the interaction that occurs. I am looking for a dialogue with my environment.

My main art expressions are performance, video, installation and sculpture. I have a background in both modern dance and physiotherapy, which may explain my fascination for the movement. I am trying to find the tension that exists between visual art and dance.

To me, art is about reacting to what is happening in our society. We as artists have an incredible opportunity, or maybe I should say duty, to be a voice in our world today. Topics close to my heart are diversity and multiculturalism.


Visual artist

Born 1973
Lives and works in Nykarleby, Finland


2011- 2015     Novia university of applied sciences, Jakobstad, Finland,B.Sc. Degree in fine art

1995-1996      Betelseminariets folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden, diploma in dance

1994-1995      Västra Nylandsfolkhögskola, Karis, Finland, diploma in dance

1990-1992      Vocational college, Vasa, Finland, B.Sc. Degree in physiotherapy



2017               Malakta Dance film Lab, Malax, FIN, with Helena Jónsdóttir (ISL)

2015               Contact improvisation, Vasa, FIN, with Antti Marjakangas (FIN)

2013               Body/landscape workshop in Scotland with Frank van de Ven (NLD)


2018               Energiverket, Jakobstad, FIN

2016               Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus, Schwandorf, Germany


2013-2019      Curator of the Humlefestival, an art and music festival, Nykarleby, FIN

2018-2019      Dance teacher for children, Jakobstads Musikinstitut, FIN

2018               YH Novia, fineart, Jakobstad, FIN, substitute teacher in December

2018               October filmfest x, Skafferiet at Ritz,Vasa, FIN, video screening

2018               Energiverket, Jakobstad, FIN, performance LINK, in collaboration with the

                       sound artist/musician Alan Cameron-Winberg and the violinist Heli Kivistö

2018               Humlefestivalen, Nykarleby, FIN, performance LINK, in collaboration with the

                       sound artist/musician Alan Cameron-Winberg and the violinist Heli Kivistö
2018               Public artwork, BYN, at the school in Purmo, Pedersöre, FIN

2017               Ruskfestival, Jakobstad, FIN, Risk Rusk situation #1, performance in collaboration with

                       the composer/sound artist Guillermo Galindo (MEX) 

2017               Konstfestival Moment, Mariehamn, AX, performance How to build a tower II

2017               Viva Allegro, Jakobstad, FIN, How to build a tower, performance in collaboration with

                       Johan Sandås.

2016               Music video for Mrs. Bighill singer

2016               Bristol Biennial, UK, (F)LAWLESS performance in collaboration with CHAMP (UK)

2016               Art Workshop for refugees at språkcafé, Jakobstad, FIN

2015               Rusk festival, Jakobstad, FIN, performance in collaboration with Henrik Sundström,

                       Mirka Sulander, Moa Cederberg

2015               POP-UP Österbotten, Helsingfors, FIN, video screening

2015               Ateljé Tripod, Nykarleby, FIN, video screening

2014               Rusk festival, Jakobstad, FIN, performance in collaboration with the clarinetist

                       Christoffer Sundqvist

2014               Neuruppin, DEU, performance in collaboration with Annika Bergvik-Forsander         

2013               Humlefestivalen, Nykarleby, FIN, performance Via dolorosa

2013               100 1000 lumen, Nygårds verkstad, Jakobstad, FIN, in collaboration with Aki Koskinen

2012               Culture days in Jakobstad, FIN, performance Touched

2010               Humlefestivalen, Nykarleby, FIN, performance

2010-2011      Munsala församling, FIN, choreographer for a childrens musical

2009               Dance theatre, café drop in, Nykarleby, FIN, choreographer and dancer

2008-2009      Arbis, Nykarleby, FIN, choreographer for a youth musical Ronja Rövardotter

2007               Dance theatre, Hållplats 23, Nykarleby, FIN, choreographer and dancer

2006               Jakobstads svenska församling, FIN, choreographer for a choir, Jacob Gospel

2005               Norvalla rehabcenter, Vörå, FIN, dance instructor

2002-2003      Arbis, Nykarleby, FIN, choreographer for a youth musical, En värld full av liv


2017               Vaellus, Galleri konstrummet, Lindesberg, SWE

2016               Al fresco, Elverket, Pro Artibus, Ekenäs, FIN

2015               Kuvataiteen valtakunta 2015, Rauman taidemuseo, Rauma, FIN

2014               A multi-platformed performance, 'Ancestry', Jakobstad, FIN, performance in

                       collaboration with the singer/composer Inga Liljeström (AUS) and Zacharias Holmkvist

2014               Performance art, Strengberg Kunsthalle, Jakobstad, FIN, performance In memoriam

2014               Sjunker sjunger, Kansantaiteenkeskus, Kaustby, FIN

2012               Nordiska Sagan, Rautalampi, FIN

2012               Berga gallery, Stockholm, SWE

2012               In the air, Vasa konsthall, Vasa, FIN


2018               Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet

2017               Working grant Taike

2015               Svenska studiefonden

2015               Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet

2013               Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet

2009               Svenska kulturfonden

2007               Svenska kulturfonden