LINK, Energiverket, Jakobstad 2018.

LINK is an audiovisual performance, in collaboration with the sound artist/musician Alan Cameron-Winberg (GBR/FIN) and the violinist Heli Kivistö (FIN). A performance consisting of soundscapes, video, movements and an installation.

The performance is based on a work that I began in autumn 2017 thanks to a scholarship from Taike. An artwork where I have filmed different people and environments with the aim of capturing the movement. It is these movements that have created the choreography for the performance.

“In a world where individualism rules and loneliness almost has become a national disease, we want to highlight the community as an alternative way of living. A community that breaks down prejudice and allows us to share our lives with each other. All the choices we make are connected to someone or something.”

“A movement is a movement irrespective of which nation, religion, gender, age, disabilities one may have.”