In Memoriam, in Strengbergs Kunsthalle, Jakobstad, 2014. 

A performance based on a long process where I have struggled with issues dealt with life and death. Questions that I have tried to keep away for many years, but when my friends' six years old son died and also my neighbor died, I could no longer keep the questions away. How do you explain that one can live for six year and the other for 98 year? It has been a long process. I began to realize what people around me have gone through. People who have seen death come too early and been forced to accept the situation. I began to feel something bottomless.

The creative process began with a small video installation, which was shown in gallery Gro, Jakobstad. I continued to struggle with the issues, and the final result became a performance, In Memoriam. In Memoriam, is a memorial ceremony. I wanted to honor those who have passed away, but also to give my time to those who have experienced sorrow. I used old VHS tapes. Each tape symbolize a person, a person who I have been in contact with. Those who wanted gave me a tape, others let me choose one for them. In the performance, I assumed the years or months that these people have been living in longing for someone. I built an installation that consisted of videotapes and a rotating doll.  I took time for every single person, through a VHS tape. I danced a very slow rotating dance, where the videotape was pulled out from the tape and spun into my feet. Slowly a circle grew out of the tapes.

The performance was done in silence and lasted for two hours.

If you want to see the video from the installation click here

photo: Ken Kackur